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Wise Preservation Planning LLC
      1480 Hilltop Road
      Chester Springs PA 19425
      Phone (484) 202-8187

Wise Preservation Planning LLC is a full-service historic preservation planning firm. We research, document, analyze and ultimately help protect historic resources and our cultural landscape. Our firm serves a variety of clients, including municipalities, engineers, architects, historical societies, and owners of historic resources.

The firm was founded in 1997 by Robert J. Wise Jr., who has 20 years of experience in the historic preservation field. He is assisted by Seth Hinshaw, Senior Planner, who has been with the firm since 2001. Both planners have M.S. degrees in historic preservation from the University of Pennsylvania and exceed the 36 CFR 61 Professional Qualification Standards established by the National Park Service for architectural historians.


Wise Preservation Planning LLC produces Historic Resource Impact Studies throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Impact studies are designed to reduce or eliminate the impact of development, such as a shopping center or residential development, upon historic resources. The major elements of an Impact Study:
identify historic resources that may be impacted by development;
assess the significance of these resources;
provide a historical and architectural description;
examine the proposed project and its potential impacts on these resources and adjacent landscape; and,
recommend strategies to mitigate or abate any negative impacts.
Often mandated by municipal ordinances or federal or state permitting processes, Impact Studies may be required in cases of subdivisions, commercial development, and transportation planning. Clients include developers, law firms, property owners, and municipalities.
In order to provide a more objective analysis of the impact of a given project on historic resources, Wise has developed an impact level scale that is useful in assessing the relative impact of the proposed development or change on individual historic resources. Our Impact Studies have been used in many municipalities in the greater Philadelphia area, and we are pleased to report that a major part of our impact study business comes from recommendations to developers from municipalities. Our focus is to serve the needs of our clients by developing realistic reports based on local ordinance language, knowledge, and our experience in producing such reports.
The attached list includes many Impact Studies, some of which may have been prepared in your community.

Partial List of Impact Studies Prepared by Wise

William Penn Inn, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2015)

Atwater Kent Tenant House, Willistown Twp., Chester Co. (2015)

Ardmore Freight Station, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2015)

Kohelet Yeshiva, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2015)

Courts at Spring Mill Station, Whitemarsh Twp., Montgomery Co. (2011)

Aldi Retail Store, West Whiteland Twp., Chester Co. (2011)

Temple Beth Hillel Beth El, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2011)

Silica Stone Company Office, East Whiteland Twp., Chester Co. (2011)

Douglas/Hutchinson House, East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co. (2011)

Cheyney University, Thornbury Twp., Delaware Co. (2010)

Inwood Barn, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2009)

LaRonda, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2009)

Grove Parsonage, West Whiteland Twp. (2009)

Scerni Property, West Whiteland Twp. (2009)

Hoffecker House, Uwchlan Twp. (2009)

Exton Hotel Building, West Whiteland Twp. (2008)

Shepherd Tract Subdivision, Kennett Twp. (2008)

"Sunny Hill" Farm / Mannix Property, East Whiteland Twp. (2008)

Valhalla Brandywine Development, Wallace Twp. (2008)

Seibert Tract Development, Wallace Twp. (2007)

Red Leaf Manor, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2007)

John Keeley House, Upper Uwchlan Twp. (2006)

Chandler Tract, Kennett Twp. (2006)

Wallace Elementary School, Wallace Twp. (2006)

Indian Run Development, Wallace Twp. (2006)

Shea Property Brookside Village, Upper Uwchlan Twp. (2005)

Smith Tract, East Goshen Twp. (2005)

Hamilton Development, Wallace Twp. (2005)

Hidden Meadows at Cornwallis, East Goshen Twp. (2005)

Swiss Farms Stores, East Goshen Twp. (2005)

Weaver Farm Site Plan Evaluation, East Brandywine Twp. (2005)

DiCola and Belmonte Houses, E. Whiteland Twp. (2005)

Old Orchard Tract, Wallace Twp. (2004)

Devereux Kanner Center Infrastructure Improvements, West Whiteland Twp. (2004)

Buckwalter House, Schuylkill Twp. (2003)

McAlear House, East Whiteland Twp. (2003)

Grove United Methodist Church, West Whiteland Twp. (2002)

Eldridge R.F. Johnson Property, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2002)

Strawbridge Tract, Lower Merion Twp., Montgomery Co. (2002)

Six Points, Whitpain Twp., Montgomery Co. (2001)

Village of Eagle (Commercial Development Review), Upper Uwchlan Twp. (on going)

Cherry Farm, Thornbury Twp., Delaware Co. (2000)

Gable Subdivision, E. Whiteland Twp. (2000)

Charles Fahnestock House (Addition / Rehabilitation Study), E. Whiteland Twp. (2000)

Charles Thomas Farm (Residential Subdivision), W. Whiteland Twp. (2000)

Lowland Farm (Fetters Mill Subdivision), E. Whiteland Twp. (1999)

Valley Creek Corporate Center (1.75 M. Square Foot Corporate Center), W. Whiteland Twp. (1999)

Malin Station (Residential Subdivision), E. Whiteland Twp. (1999)

General Wayne Tavern, East Whiteland Twp. (1998)*

Brimful Farm (Subdivision Review), E. Pikeland Twp. (1997)

   *With, or in association with, the Brandywine Conservancy, Inc.